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Let’s bash China because….

April 2008 – it has thuggish policemen guarding the olympic torch and it is cracking down in Tibet

April 19 2008 – It supplies weapons to Zimbabwe

April 22 2008 – Tainted Heparin


  1. LOL

    My version of your post goes like this “Hey, Mikey, let’s blame China!”

    The basis for this is complex, but fear and loathing are part of it. Racism exists, and is most dangerous in it’s latent form. “Typical white folks,” as coined by Obama, and portrayed by Edith by Edith from “All in the family,” are no different from the Chinese that shouted at me as I rode my bike thru the streets of ShangHai in 1988, “FEC! FEC!” It appears to me that, here in the US at least, the belief that intelligence is a pigment linked gene, and that is why the black man can’t learn, may be comforting, and result in generous and loving kindness when we “give” “them” affirmitive action. However, fear, not loving kindness, is the elicited when faced with the idea that if intelligence is a pignent linked gene, then is it possible, Oh No! that the “Chinese” are smarter than “we” are?

    I have no problem with government sponsered propaganda, but I do have a concern when it is swallowed whole, and lands in an ignorant, (from ignore) and uneducated mind.

    What most folks have failed to understand is the unintended consequences of the media bias re riots in Lhasa, which resulted in millions of westerners as well as Chinese learning “catch up” history h as they struggled to grasp what had happened. You Tube, netizens, and bloggers around the world all jumped on the bandwagon. neither the US, german, UK, Taiwan not China’s propaganda machinese were prepared for the resulting “outing” of the dalai Lama as an instrament of the CIA.

    What I hope would happen, is the “powers that be” both East and West, will learn to compete “with” each other, and not “against” each other. That means more “eye shin” from China, and less “panic” from the US.

    Still, now I am breaking my own rules, and I should be asking more questions, such as, if the arms cant be offloaded in Zimbabwe, who will be the loser? The ships Captain? The supplier? The brokers? Another question I have is who are/were the players, and the funding sourse behind the riots staged in Lhasa and other cities around the world?

    take care

    Comment by Kathy Podgers — April 20, 2008 @ 8:38 pm

  2. When will china stop polluting the world!

    Comment by anthony — January 24, 2009 @ 4:01 pm

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