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September 12, 2009

Gordon Gekko votes Democrat

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Gordon Gekko here…..

I’m a Gordon Gekko, “greed is good”, Reagan/Thatcher, pro-Wall Street, corporate America-loving, pro-banking, pro-business, wannabe filthy rich, pro-finance, economic conservative, and I’m on your side.

It’s quite simple. Since I’m a fan of Gordon Gekko, I take a look at who is more willing to let me make money and keep it, and it’s not the Republicans. I’m greedy, but I’m not stupid. Helping you make money, helps me make money. Getting the economy in shape so that everyone has health care, jobs, and a decent standard of living, means that you aren’t going to get angry when I make lots and lots of money. Heck, if it is obvious that my bonus is paying for your health care and your kid’s schools, you’ll probably want me to make more money. That’s fine with me.

If you think that I make too much money, then we sit down, and you tell me how much you want? You want health care, good schools for your kids, good public transportation, a great job. Fine…. That probably works up to about a modest increase in my taxes, so have the IRS take a fraction of my salary (I probably won’t notice it), spend it on your family, and enjoy. You would regulation so that we don’t have another financial disaster? So do I. So put in government bureaucrats to monitor capital requirements and lending policy, don’t put in restrictions on salaries and bonuses, and we are all good.

The Republicans have become very anti-banking, anti-corporate, and anti-finance. There are anti-banking, anti-corporate, and anti-finance people in the Democrats, but the interesting thing about them is that they can be reasoned with. If it’s about money, then we can make a deal. Figure out how much you want and then take it.

I am a greedy bastard. I don’t like dealing with people that are crazy in a bad way. You can’t cut a deal with crazies. Once you do cut a deal, you can’t be sure that they won’t stab you in the back when you aren’t looking, and they tend to stubbornly cling to their ideas even if it means taking them and me to the poor house.

Michael Moore, Ralph Nader, and Paul Krugman aren’t like that at all.

And Barney Frank is my hero……


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