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September 27, 2008


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Had a bad evening last night when it seemed that the bailout bill was falling apart.  Fortunately it looks to be like your standard political mess.  Once thing that is somewhat both refreshing and scary about the bailout bill is that this is the first time in a long time “real politics” has made it to the front pages of newspapers.  Usually what ends up in newspaper is just “show” in professional wrestling terminology, where the only thing presented is very carefully tweaked image.  But this week because time was short, we actually got to see the real legislative process in action in all of its messy detail.

One of the more bizarre things was that Charles Krauthammer actually wrote an editorial which I thought was very well thought out and which I agreed with.  I can feel hell freezing over.

Anyway, the big boss where I work came in for a “let’s celebrate that we made it through the week” gathering and ordered everyone to relax for the weekend, which I can do since it appears that the world will not end next week.  Since the world will not end next week, I’ve been trying to think what this means for the months and years later.

One cool thing is that no one knows.  No one knows since everything is still a work in progress.  Things are going to be massive torn down over the next few months and built up.  It’s going to be interesting to see what gets created and to be a part of that creation.  One thing that I consider pretty amazing is that given how close we came to total financial meltdown, how little this disruption has spread to the rest of the economy.   But I’m pretty sure that New York City will come out well from this.


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