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July 20, 2008

Thinking about time and money

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My mind gets into these weird moments where it starts making connections between seemingly unrelated things.

About two nights ago I was staring at a sculpture in Union Square trying to make sense of it when someone with very bad dental work started explaining to me the various components of the sculpture and after about five minutes, he politely asked if I could give him some spare change which I did since I learned something from him.  The main thing that I learned was the meaning of the numbers.  You have one set numbers which represents the time since midnight, and that part is obvious.  What is less obvious is the other set of numbers which represent the time till midnight.  What you have is basically a digital hourglass.

The thing that the sculpture reminds me of is the light cone and the relationship between time, money, and distance.

The light cone is an object in Einstein’s theory of special relativity that divides the past and the future.  Within the past, there are events that you can see, within the cone of the future are the events that can be affected by your actions.  The light cone resembles something of an hour glass in which grains of sand fall from the future through the present into the past.

The relationship between space, time and money is that with enough money, you can always transcend distance, at least the distances between two points on the globe, but regardless of how much money you have, you cannot transcend time.

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