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March 12, 2008

Bizarre article in Newsweek

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This is a rather bizarre article in Newsweek about the rise of China’s neo-conservatives.

It’s bizarre because it identifies “Yan Xuetong” as a Chinese neo-conservative thats wants to remake the world in China’s image. The reason I think it is bizarre is that it ascribes views to Yan Xuetong that I’ve never read in any of his English or Chinese articles

Calling Yan a “neo-conservative” in analogy to US neo-conservatives is odd, since Yan seems to be very supportive of multinationalism, which US neoconservatives dislike, and does not have any sort of global world changing agenda as US neoconservatives do.  Also putting Yan’s ideas and those of “liberal internationalists” on opposite ends of a pole seems odd since I really don’t see the two sets of ideas to be in opposition.

As far as I can figure Mark Leonard talked with Yan at a meeting in 2005, and then assumed a whole bunch from the conversation.


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  1. Yan may have some nationalist inclination, which is enough to be labeled as neo-con by an American.
    Neo-con label means nothing here. It is just derogatory.

    Comment by Leo — March 12, 2008 @ 6:16 pm

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