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October 8, 2007

Notes on the 17th Party Congress – A 1.5 party system

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Title is China’s leaders deadlocked over succession.  There is one important aspect of the Chinese Communist Party politics that the article doesn’t mention and that is that the two major factions within the Communist Party have different power bases.  Here is a nice paper on the topic

The papers argues that there are two factions within the party.  The “populist” faction which consists of people from the inner provinces, and the “elitist” faction which consists of people from the coastal provinces.  One point that the paper makes is that neither faction has the will or ability to gain absolute power over the other, and both have expertise that the other does not have.   The paper also makes the point that high offices are allocated to these factions with almost mathematical precision.

This puts the latest reports of “deadlock” in another light.  First of all, the infighting really isn’t between Hu and Jiang, its between two different factions with different regional bases of support.  Second, it was probably agreed early one that one of the next generation of leaders would be a “populist” and the other would be an “elitist” and what all of the screaming about is for each side to get some points.


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  1. He he. This is an example of an authoritarian system boldly solving the problems which do not exist in democracies.

    Comment by katastrofa — October 14, 2007 @ 10:47 am

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