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July 9, 2007

Chen’s interview in the Washington Post

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A pretty good interview which illustrates what Chen Shui-Bian thinks

Personally, I think it is very illustrative of how out of touch he is with the various trends that are going on in the world.  He seems to have an intense desire to make Taiwan a “normal nation” which ignores that fact that the world is becoming one in which there are no “normal nations” and that places that do the best are those with contradictory, confused inclusive identities.  He seems to define “Taiwanese” as “not being Chinese” which is hardly a way of creating an inclusive unified identity on Taiwan.  There is no doubt that Taiwan-centered has become more important in the 1990’s and in the last eight years, but it is far from clear that Taiwan-is-not-Chinese thinking has become more prevalent since 2001.

Also, his poll numbers confuse two different polls.  Questions on national identity are very sensitive to how you ask them, and the poll series that I referenced earlier show no major shifts since 2001.  There was a recent poll that showed a huge amount of Taiwanese-not-Chineseness, but I suspect that this was the result of asking “who would you support in a war” along with the question.

Also one thing that has come out in the polls is that people in Taiwan don’t consider national identity to be the most important issue, the economy tops that.


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