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November 30, 2006

Why I didn’t mention the Taiwan bits in the article

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By the way, in case you are wondering why I didn’t challenge the bits about Taiwan…  The answer is simple….


Now that there is less and less chance of a war in the Taiwan straits, I’m losing interest.  As far as wikipedia, there are people who share my viewpoints and they are able to make sure that are reasonable represented.  If they aren’t, well I really don’t have the energy any more to argue about the meaning of obscure bits of history, and frankly I don’t think it matters much.

I haven’t been keeping up with Taiwan politics, and I actually feel a little sorry for Chen Shui-Bian.  I sort of hope that his son stays in the United States and has a baby because if the President’s grandson is an ABC, there is going to be less resistance to this ABC talking about Taiwanese politics, and that hopefully will help create a view on Taiwan that will be more amenable to unification in the next several decades.


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