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November 30, 2006

The Secret Plans of the Chinese Politburo

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I knew that the title would get your attention. But I’ve been thinking about the recent Chinese series the “Rise of Great Nations” which has been summarized by Sun Bin on his blog…

The interesting thing about this program is that it gave a lot of emphasis to the rise of the United States and Britain, which got me thinking early American economists like Henry C. Carey.

Now here is the interesting part. Henry Carey’s great work is called “Harmony of Interest.” The big new slogan coming out of China is “harmony.” Look at Henry Carey’s economic program, and look at Hu Jintao’s.

The secret plan of the Chinese Politburo I think is for the next generation to copy the economic and foreign policies of the early United States.  The model the are using for relations with the United States in the early-21st century, I believe is US/Great Britain in the early-19th.

Also one other economist which seems to be influencing the Politburo is Friedrich List.  Sun-Bin mentioned the influence of List on policy with respect to Taiwan.  Here is a quote that seems interesting

But for the growth of the higher forms of industry all countries are not adapted only those of the temperate zones, whilst the torrid regions have a natural monopoly in the production of certain raw materials; and thus between these two groups of countries a division of labor and confederation of powers spontaneously takes place.

Can you see the relevance to Chinese policy in Africa?


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  1. i didn’t know much about List, but the wiki entry seems to suggest that he has a lot of influence on Deng’s pragmatism in the reform. As for the temperate zone theory, I think Lee Kuan Yew made a great point on temperature. I know for myself I used to make more mistake in examinations in school when it was hot outside.:) But I think more important is that in the winter there is nothing to do but stay and home and ponder about various stuff, that is when innovation is made. also, when there is a long winter, there are more problem to solve, eg for to store food and feed onseself then.
    It would be intereting if historians can compile the stats of innovation in cold season vs those in warmer season.

    Comment by sun bin — December 1, 2006 @ 4:31 pm

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