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November 30, 2006

Even more about the New York Times article

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Something interesting psychologically happened over the last hour that also happened the week before with my rant against Reporters San Frontieres

When I wrote my critique about the NYT article, I was thinking of myself screaming at the NYT, so I was rather loud and harsh.  It’s like being on the outside of a concrete building screaming inside, and I think I used terms like “slipshod, superficial journalism at its worst”, and I wasn’t particularly careful at toning down my language.  After all, I was screaming at the New York Times, who could hardly care what I thought about them.

Then I figured that in fairness I ought to e-mail the person that sent me the original request for comments, and suddenly I was positive embarrassed about what I had just said.  At that point, I was no longer screaming loudly at the New York Times, I was screaming at some anonymous junior journalist, probably in their 20’s, who doesn’t have all that much power, and is probably a very nice person that is going to feel awful if I trash their article (and would have felt a lot worse if they read my unedited version).

The same thing happened with RSF, when I started screaming and ranting against the big and powerful RSF, and suddenly I realized that press release was written by some young idealistic person that probably doesn’t deserve being screamed at.

Anyway I don’t know what this means, but it means something……


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