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November 20, 2006

To the idiots at Reporters Without Borders

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Sorry for the strong language, but I just hate it when my views are misrepresented and when there is a total lack of understanding of what is going on….  Besides, it got your attention didn’t it????

Anyway there is this paragraph about what is going on that totally misrepresents my views…..

Reporters Without Borders again congratulates the managers of Wikipedia, who have always refused to go in for self-censorship and called on other Internet giants present in China to follow their example.

“While Yahoo!, Google and Microsoft harp on about how it is impossible to negotiate with the authorities and that if they refused to censor their search engines, they would be expelled from the country, the Wikipedia example proves the contrary,” the worldwide press freedom organisation said.

OK, RSF, lets get this straight.  There are no *managers* at Wikipedia.  There are just a bunch of people each with their own agendas, about what to do.  I don’t speak for Wikipedia, I just speak for myself, and the nice thing about being able to speak for yourself is that you can say very strongly worded things, like the fact that I think you are a bunch of morons for issuing a press release like that.  No wonder the Chinese government reblocked.  HAHAHAHA, we forced to the Chinese government to give in, LET’S PUSH THEM HARDER.

I say and don’t say what I want on wikipedia, you say what you want, I’d like to see the Chinese government put someone say what they want.  There is no central authority at Wikipedia, just people talking for themselves, and my personal views are.


That’s freedom of speech.  You have the right to say what you think, and I have the right to say that I think you are idiots for saying it.

Anyway the logical thing for the Chinese government to do at this point is to block wikipedia for a few days just to let the world know that they can, then hopefully they’ll unblock, then reblock, then unblock and do it so often that it doesn’t make the New York Times and that RSF doesn’t gloat when they unblock.  The point that the Chinese government is making is that they are in control, and that’s fine with me since I think it’s really in their interest to unblock wikipedia.  They can just unblock it every now and then reblock it to show that they are in charge.  That doesn’t suit RSF’s agenda, but it suits mine.

It’s times like these that I realize how my agenda and those of NGO’s are so utterly different.


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