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November 20, 2006

Calming down

Filed under: china, human rights, wikipedia — twofish @ 7:05 pm

I’ve calm down a bit.  I’m still angry, but I’m rationally angry rather than flying off the wall angry.

The one thing that I’d like to see in some sort of blog or comment is what RSF thought the reaction to the press release would be.  If you post “nyyahh, nyyahhh, wikipedia proves that the Chinese government is too weak to stand up to pressure” what did you *think* that the official reaction would be.

And for a bunch of reporters, they’ve just got the internal politics of wikipedia wrong.  There is no wikipedia management, there are people in the discussion lists that I’ve been in that are trying to figure out how to create a sanitized encyclopedia.  There is no one wikipedia viewpoint, which is the beauty of the thing.  There are just a bunch of people sharing information.  No one I know of has had any official contact with the Chinese government, but I don’t know who most of the people on the e-mail list are.  For all I know the Hu Jintao might be listening in on our conversations as we discuss, this and that would be great.  Being part of an open conspiracy means that you don’t really care who is listening in.


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