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September 10, 2006

The United States is an Islamic state….

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I’ve been spending some time studying Islamic thought and law, and I’ve started to come away with the impression that a case can be made that the ideals of the United States fall closer to that of Islam that anything that Al-Qaeda is proposing, and that one of the strategies for winning the Long War involves making this case.

My background is in physics, and as such what I try to do is to strip everything to its essential characteristics. In the case of Islam, the essential message is that there is one God and all are equal before God, this is actually the same message as the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence. The second essential characteristic and commonality between Islam and the United States is the commitment to law and justice. You read writings of Supreme Court justices and these feel exactly the same as the writings of Islamic scholars or students of the Talmud.

Everything else is detail. Important detail, but its detail.

And this is why the proposed tribunals that the Bush administration is proposing is doing incalculable harm. Law becomes very attractive if you are living in a lawless environment. When bombs are going off and rapists are going unpunished, you want law and order, and so when Bush talks about having military tribunals with separate rules for US citizens and non-citizens or going against some of the foundational principles of due process, he moves the United States away from some of its foundational principles which coincidentially are the same principles that are at the foundation of Islam, and this makes it easier for Al-Qaeda to argue that it is creating the true Islamic state which I don’t think is the case at all.



  1. Thanks Twofish for pointing out how the U.S. actually is more of an Islamic state than people realize. Al-Qaeda, do not represent anything whatsoever to do with Islam. I know, most people do not believe Muslims when they say this, but maybe they’ll listen to non-Muslims like yourself.

    Comment by shaharazed — September 11, 2006 @ 6:45 am

  2. Hi there — I would disagree that the fundamental tenet of Islam is that all are equal before God. The essential message in Islam is actually something like the following: “There is one God, and Muhammad is His Messenger (bringing the Quran, His revelation), and ONLY those who accept the supremacy of Allah as God, Muhammad as the Prophet and the Quran as the final revelation, are equal before God.” And even so, in many ways, this applies only to men, as women get a raw deal in many cases.

    Comment by Ned — September 18, 2006 @ 12:51 pm

  3. I came across this blog through another link and was very pleased to see what twofish had written about Islam, not simply because it is true but because a non-Muslim had taken the time to read about Islam and what it truly entails. As for Ned’s comment, it reflects how ignorant you are of Islam and its treatment of women for you to so easily say that ‘women get a raw deal’. If one understands the Quran correctly and not the interpretation of it, which has been morphed by others, will clearly see that women are liberated in Islam. For instance, when I got married, my husband had to have a flat ready, a car, a secure job and not to mention provide a dowry. Islam reinforced that women are to keep all their earnings to themselves and it is the husband who has to provide everything. Contrary to Western culture, men have to respect women sexually when they are menstruating and use kind words with them always. The wearing of the scarf, arranged marriages, honour killings have all been created by backward Muslims who do not understand the true beauty of the religion. I don’t blame the West for the opinions it has of Muslims, after all Muslims do not provide a very good image, however I am disappointed that much of the world take things at face value and don’t take the time to understand the religion for what it is.

    Comment by Nellie — April 6, 2009 @ 10:56 am

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