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September 10, 2006

My counterpart in Baghdad….

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One of the reasons that I’m alarmed is that I’m looking at the news stories coming out of Baghdad, and I sense someone on the other side that is remarkably like me.  I’m pretty sure that somewhere in the Iraqi insurgency there is someone whose life story parallels mine, and he might even have a blog.  He is running around Baghdad doing his best to organize resistance to the American troops and supporting Al-Qaeda’s goals.

What unites the two of us is that we are both driven by anger and pain which fuels an intense desire to see a better world.  My version of the future looks like American suburbia.  His looks like an return to an Islamic caiphate.  I’m trying to write papers on Shanghai warrants and develop the legal infrastructure for capital markets.  He is studying the nuances of Islamic law, and developing newer and more effective IED’s to kill people with.

Sad really….  Very sad….


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