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July 20, 2006

The power of names

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A thought occurred to me, that illustrates the powerful amount of magic that names have, and the complexity of information…..

It might not seem like it will make a big different if I call someone “my brother” rather than their name (which you can probably find out without too much trouble).

But it does.

One makes it on a google or technorati search. One doesn’t.

All I have to do is to say the name once and only once, and google will cross reference this blog with all of the other information about my brother . If I don’t say the name, you won’t find out about him unless you interested in me. Without the name, this information just disappears.
Guess the name, and magic happens…..

Just like Turandot….

I just realized something else…..

I haven’t posted my name on the blog either.  It’s not a secret, you can figure it out since it is hooked in from my home page, but it means that you came in through some of the designated doors rather than through google.


So if you are reading this, this means you came in either through Wilmott, my home page, or wikimania.  You didn’t just google on my name.



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  1. is calling someone your brother a bad thing though i mean
    its alot better then saying buddy… an for the record
    i came in through google searching the power of names… =)
    much love

    Comment by M2 — August 16, 2006 @ 12:54 am

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