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July 20, 2006

Puccinni, Love, and Wikipedia

If you go to the corner of Building 26 at MIT, right above the turn in boxes for the physics problem set is the poster “Take Time To Sleep.”  But no one sleeps until the riddle is solved, and the answer to the riddle in Turandot is love.  But what is love?

If you look at it in terms of quantitative finance, love is an option on human attention, time and energy.  If someone loves you, you can make them spend human attention, time and energy on you.  Conversely, if someone doesn’t love you, you have no claim on their time and energy.  Love is therefore associated with power.  If someone loves you, you have power over them.  Love is finite.  A human being only has a limited amount of time and energy, and so can only issue a certain amount of love.  At this point,it should be obvious why love is so important in reproduction.  Children require a huge amount of time and attention.
The basis of education is love, and I think this is often forgotten.  People focus on the curriculum, the textbooks, and the hardware of education.  But the key to education is the social networks.  If you have the social connections, then the curriculum and the textbooks follow.  Because people learn to love their alma mater, they give huge amounts of money which are then cycled into the system.

So I think the key question here is, how do you use the internet to transmit love?


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