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July 19, 2006


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I’ve come back to something resembling emotional equilibrium, and I’ve been thinking a bit about being a father.  My father wasn’t a complainer, but one of the reasons I’m complaining is that there is a bit of experience that I regret not having.  Kids probably don’t want to know too much about their parents, just like I really don’t want to know the pilot of my plane or the surgeon that is about to operate on me is scared out of their mind.  What’s the quote from the Matrix, if you don’t want disturbing answers, you shouldn’t ask disturbing questions.

But now I’m facing a lot of the situations that he faced, I really do wonder what was going through his mind.

The other thing is that I’ve facing somewhat of the same crisis that I’m sure a lot of other children of the Immigration Act of 1965 are facing.  What now?  When you are young, your actions are made in reference to your parents wishes.  You can act according to them.  You can rebel against them, but those wishes and desires are there.  The question happens when time passes, and your parents wishes have been fulfilled.  Now what.  I’ve got the degree,  I’ve been to the top university.  Now what?  And what do I wish for my kids?

One answer that I’ve come up with is that I want to give them the world.  I want to hand them the United States.  I want to hand them China.  I want to hand them the entire world.  The world I live in now is every different from my parent’s world, and I’ve been trying to figure out the contours of the world that my children will inherit.  Barring some major catastrophe, I suspect that globalization will continue, and for them moving from Shanghai to Los Angeles to London in their minds, will be like moving from Dallas to Houston is for me.


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