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June 22, 2006

Texas Workforce Commission notes

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I get a notice in the mail saying that I didn't pay my unemployment taxes for Twofish Enterprises Inc. I call up the number on the letter. Someone answers the phone. I explain the problem. They are nice and polite and they fix it. Time spent. Less than two minutes.


This isn't an isolated event. All of my dealings with the TWC have been very good. At some point I'd like to meet the person or persons responsible for this.

This actually has some relevance to Chinese industrial restructuring. The standard stereotype is that private industries are good at customer service whereas government agencies are bad, but here is a counter example. TWC good at customer service. AOL bad at customer service.  This suggests that "private ownership" isn't a magic bullet.  Part of what I'm working on is to get things to the point that the main "actors" in a SOE act in ways that are similar to the actors in a "private corporation" when these are good things.
The basic issue is that good customer service is *hard* and *expensive*, and its easy for managers to skimp on since it isn't viewed as a core function. But I'm very interested in the bureaucratic politics that got TWC to the point where it has very good customer service.


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